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Javid Kia Holding was officially established in 1400 with a registered capital of nearly 600 billion Rials. The company aims to operate in international transportation of goods, logistics, production of wagons, railway machinery and parts, repairs, and maintenance. The group of companies has commenced its operations.
The main focus of this group has always been on the coherence and alignment of various activities in the field of rail transportation. Relying on specialized companies, their expert and experienced human capital, and utilizing new models of organizational excellence, the company has accelerated its path of development and become a leader in its field within a short period, thanks to targeted investments in various services.
The company has developed bold expansion plans based on its vision to complete the provision of services to customers. In this regard, cooperation with capable foreign and domestic companies active in the field of logistics and other service areas is one of the priorities of Javid Kia Holding.

International rail transport

The company specializes in rail transportation and international cargo shipping by train, utilizing 20-feet and 40-feet containers, including roofed containers and edge containers. It also operates long-edge wagons and tank containers, serving routes to Central Asia, Afghanistan, China, Turkey, and Europe.

International air transport

The company provides international air cargo transportation through trusted airlines, offering fast and secure delivery to all destinations at an economical price.

International road transport

The company specializes in international road transport of cargo, utilizing tented, refrigerated, and container trucks for routes to Turkey, Europe, and Asia.

International sea transport

The company engages in international sea transportation of cargo, handling 20-feet and 40-feet containers, special containers, open tops, flat trucks, etc., from all ports of the country.

International rail transport

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